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Property Tax Consulting and Compliance Summary

MERIT’s time-tested approach to property tax consulting and compliance is focused on generating value, ensuring high quality, consistent service delivery, and enabling effective communication and collaboration among all members of our property tax team and your team. Our broad range of services can also be on an “as needed” basis as your outsourced tax department.

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Business Personal Property Compliance

Business Personal Property Tax Compliance

Our approach

Under your direction, MERIT’s property tax team can outsource and manage your personal property tax compliance through the following key steps:

  • Transition – develop a transition project plan and timelines and analyze data and work process.
  • Gathering data – request, review and reconcile client data.
  • Personal property rendition preparation and filing – analyze the physical, economic and functional conditions of assets, examine current valuation tables and market and industry trends and all appropriate abatements and exemptions and prepare and file personal property returns/renditions and abatement and exemption applications in a timely manner.
  • Personal property valuation notices/appeals – analyze preliminary valuation notices and initiate value negotiations to ensure fair and equitable assessments.
  • Personal property audits – respond to tax assessor inquiries and resolve any differences.
  • Personal property tax bills – process and post personal property tax bills and generate tax bill check request funding report.
  • Personal property tax estimates and accruals – develop a tax estimate / accrual program that meets the needs of each client. 
  • Proactive Tax Planning – work with each client to not only minimize current liability, but develop a plan to limit future liability.

The results of the personal property tax compliance process are documented, measurable, and reportable, enabling project stakeholders to receive current and relevant information concerning the status and progress of the project. This information enables stakeholders to retain whatever degree of control over the process they deem desirable to make timely, informed decisions.

Working collaboratively with our clients, our property tax compliance team will:

  • File each property tax return timely and properly.  We will ensure that changes to any property are factored effectively into our continuous compliance evaluation efforts.
  • See that each property tax assessment is tracked, received, analyzed, reconciled and processed in the proper manner to reduce taxes and enhance all applicable savings.
  • See that each property tax bill is tracked, received, analyzed, reconciled, processed and paid in a timely manner.
  • Provide an estimate of tax savings and tax liability.
  • Maintain tax calendar to properly track all property tax deadlines.
  • Deliver documented value to you through our working knowledge and relationships with assessors in each jurisdiction.



Real Property Tax Consulting 

Real Property Tax Consulting

Are your real property valuations and corresponding tax assessments and tax bills accurate?  Do they reflect current market conditions?  A key to minimizing real property tax liabilities in businesses of all sizes is ensuring accurate and fair valuation of portfolios.  By employing advanced valuation and data management tools, our real property consultants (including licensed and credentialed appraisers), negotiate directly with their local assessor relationships to achieve fair and accurate real property assessment for our clients.

Our approach

MERIT’s property tax team can help reduce your real property tax obligations while making certain that all tax laws are followed and projects are completed within proper deadlines. With our property tax experience and market knowledge behind us, MERIT can help determine whether your business’ real property assessments and tax bills are accurate and comparable to like properties and provide real property tax services that pay for themselves.

Our real property tax consulting services include the following:

  • Taking the time to understand your business
  • Researching market data and jurisdiction assessment records
  • Conduct site inspections as appropriate, gather market information and interview personnel
  • File annual appeals of selected properties for the open tax years to protect the administrative rights of your properties
  • Review the assessor’s appraisal records to determine the accuracy and methodology used in assessing the value of the property
  • Developing arguments for valuation reductions and determining the appropriate valuation methods for appealing assessments
  • Upon completion of the property tax valuation analysis, meet with representatives of the assessing jurisdictions to negotiate assessed value reductions
  • If the assessing jurisdiction does not agree with the proposed assessed value, prepare and submit an appeal to the appropriate assessment appeals board, to the extent permitted by law, regulations, rules and applicable professional standards
  • Appearing on your behalf at the local and state administrative hearing



Personal Property Tax Consulting

Personal Property Tax Consulting

Our approach

Personal property tax is a unique area of taxation with complex nuances requiring specialized knowledge and experience from state to state, jurisdiction to jurisdiction and industry to industry. MERIT’s property tax team can help reduce property tax assessment by employing one or more of the following strategies:

  • Analyze property assessments
  • Accelerate depreciation
  • Track assets
  • Unbundle equipment purchases
  • Working proactively with the DOR
  • Assistance in developing a position regarding a taxpayer’s opinion of value
  • Assist in filing real property tax appeals, if necessary

Our comprehensive review of personal property tax assessments allows us to break down each assessment to the most elemental components that determine a personal property tax liability. The results of our property tax review help you ensure that:

  • All statutory exemptions are fully utilized
  • The most advantageous classification /depreciation and valuation methods are employed
  • All real and intangible property is excluded from the personal property tax base
  • Only property in existence and used in the course of business is reported and assessed
  • A consistent tax minimization policy is followed

The results of our comprehensive review allows for a generation of tax savings not only in the current year, but in future years as well.



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