Merit Advisors Launches Mineral Management Practice

Latest Offering Disrupts Traditional Mineral Management Model  by Capturing the Full Value of Mineral Portfolios

GAINESVILLE, TX — APRIL 23, 2021 — Merit Advisors has launched Merit Mineral Management, a new practice led by Buffie Campbell. 

Merit Mineral Management is a full-service offering that helps clients maximize the value of mineral and royalty portfolios, from oil and gas in the ground to renewable energy on the surface. The team of experts includes attorneys, certified landmen, CPAs, tax specialists, certified appraisers, and software developers—all with decades of experience and a proven history of maximizing the bottom line. 

With clients and assets throughout the U.S., Merit Mineral Management applies its expertise and innovative technology to simplify mineral and royalty ownership, allowing the firm’s professionals to monitor production and recover lost revenue. Partnering with owners, Merit Mineral Management negotiates advantageous mineral contracts, including oil and gas leases, right-of-way agreements, pipeline easements, and surface-use agreements. The full suite of services also includes day-to-day management of income and expenses, simple-to-read reporting, curative review of title issues, and specialized tax management. 

Will Presson, Merit Advisors Founder and Managing Partner, says the firm started the practice because it recognized the opportunity to utilize Merit’s oil and gas expertise to help its clients beyond its traditional practice areas of state and local tax consulting. He explains that the process of managing mineral holdings is so complicated and time-consuming that mineral owners either devote huge amounts of time and resources to keeping their portfolios organized and accurate, or they give up on managing their assets altogether and risk missing revenue.

“We manage hundreds of thousands of mineral interests for our property tax clients every year, so we understand the complexities of organizing large volumes of data, legal documents, and checks just to understand your portfolio,” Presson says. “We knew we had the capabilities to provide owners with something revolutionary: a turnkey solution that not only addresses their day-to-day management needs, but actually increases the value of their portfolio through higher revenue, better lease terms, and lower property taxes. With our investment in pioneering technology provider Royalty Advocate and the addition of Buffie Campbell, we are there.”

The practice will be headed by Buffie Campbell, JD, CPL, a Director at Merit Advisors with extensive prior experience as a Mineral Manager at Argent Mineral Management and JP Morgan Chase Bank.

“I am excited to lead this practice, which has a singular mission: to allow our clients to rest easy knowing that our team is handling every aspect of their portfolios and making sure they are capturing the full value of their mineral holdings,” she says.

Buffie is a strong proponent of energy education. She has spoken in front of numerous organizations, including the National Association of Royalty Owners (NARO), and published several articles including Land and Minerals: A Charitable Legacy for Future Generations, which received national recognition from the Association of Desk & Derrick Clubs in 2019. Buffie has served as the 2020 and 2021 Vice President of Symposium for the Texas Energy Council and recently testified in front of the Texas Education Agency concerning updates to the science curriculum for K-12 Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).

About Merit Advisors 

Founded in 1998, Merit Advisors serves clients through a unique, integrated approach that helps clients minimize tax exposure, maximize cash recoveries and capitalize on economic incentives by analyzing opportunities and liabilities. The firm operates across five practice areas: property tax, sales and use tax, credits and incentives, severance tax, and appraisal and valuation.