Royalty Advocate Closes $3 Million Series A Funding from Merit Advisors

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., April 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Royalty Advocate, a software company whose cutting-edge platform helps owners of oil and gas holdings maximize the value of their portfolios, today announced the close of a $3 million Series A funding round from Merit Advisors LLC.

The investment by Merit Advisors represents the first external funding for Royalty Advocate, which launched its industry-changing cloud-based mineral management platform in 2020. Royalty Advocate will use the funding to accelerate growth, including the continued development of its SaaS platform and the build-out of its engineering, sales and customer success teams.  

“We believe Royalty Advocate has the most powerful technology in mineral rights management,” said Will Presson, Founder and Managing Partner of Merit Advisors. “They looked at a cumbersome, resource-intensive process and applied impressive technology, advanced automation and data analytics to make it streamlined and cost-efficient. This software adds tremendous value for mineral owners, and we’re excited to introduce it to our clients and the Merit Mineral Management team.”

There are an estimated 12 million oil and gas mineral owners in the U.S. and Canada. Together, these owners collect some $50 Billion in annual revenues. However, many of these mineral owners aren’t getting paid properly for the assets they own. That’s because management of mineral rights remains largely a complex, data-intensive and manual process. The process takes so much time and effort that many smaller mineral owners don’t manage their assets at all, and simply accept whatever royalty payments arrive. For larger owners—even those using legacy mineral management systems—the process is labor-intensive and expensive. Royalty Advocate solves these challenges with cloud-based technology that automates much of the work.

“Whether you’re an E&P company, a large foundation, a mineral fund or a family-owned business, Royalty Advocate will help you recover lost revenue, identify payment inaccuracies, decrease costs and maximize the value of your portfolio,” said Jarrett Parker, Royalty Advocate Co-Founder.

About Royalty Advocate

The Royalty Advocate ( platform provides mineral owners with complete, real-time visibility into their portfolios. Using automated workflows, data aggregation and analytics, Royalty Advocate creates digital maps and shapes based on legal descriptions, and allows users to instantly see what assets they own, which companies are operating the wells, what those operators are reporting to the state, and whether owners are getting paid the correct amount for all their assets. The Royalty Advocate solution also helps users minimize portfolio costs by tracking charged deductions and costs, as well as property taxes.

The Royalty Advocate SaaS model is entirely scalable, meaning that it is robust and cost-effective for both big organizations in need of an enterprise solution and individual or family mineral owners. For large organizations, Royalty Advocate’s automated system reduces legwork and manpower requirements, allowing them to save costs. 

About Merit Advisors

Based in Gainesville, Texas, Merit Advisors ( is a team of expert consultants committed to crafting holistic solutions that improve cash flows and add profit back to its clients’ bottom line. With a track record spanning over 20 years, Merit offers deep experience in energy, heavy industry and construction, and works with companies across the commercial sector.

Merit’s integrated approach helps its clients minimize tax exposure, maximize cash recoveries and capitalize on economic incentives by analyzing opportunities and liabilities across its five practice areas of property tax, sales and use tax, credits and incentives, severance tax, and appraisal and valuation.  Merit Advisors recently added Merit Mineral Management to its diversified services. Created to maximize the value of mineral and royalty portfolios, the Mineral Management team consists of experienced attorneys, certified landmen, CPAs, tax specialists, certified appraisers and software developers who work with clients to create customized solutions that streamline the complex mineral management process. With clients and assets throughout the US, Merit Mineral Management applies its expertise and innovative technology to maximize portfolio value by recovering lost revenue, securing better lease terms, and lowering property taxes.