Robert Clark, ASA


Robert Clark, ASA currently serves as Principal at Merit Advisors. With over 25 years of valuation and consulting experience within the energy industry, Rob has a wealth of knowledge in the development of complex property valuations, property tax management, expert testimony, mergers and acquisitions, purchase price allocation, and tax incentive consulting. His work, particularly in the valuation and property tax consulting venues, has given him a broad range of national and international experience in the refining, chemical, and utility business sectors.

Rob’s consulting career began at Pritchard & Abbott, Inc., where his responsibilities included supervision of the Austin industrial department, development of major complex property valuations, and expert testimony for litigation purposes. Rob then joined Ernst & Young, LLP where he managed property tax departments for large corporations, consulted in various tax assignments, and provided advisory services for a multi-billion dollar refinery merger.

As a consultant at Muse, Stancil & Co., Rob continued his consulting career performing engineering and appraisal services for energy-related clients. Rob joined Stancil & Co. as a consultant and partner in January 2004.