Meet Our Team

Vann Vandervoort, CMI


Vann Vandervoort, CMI is a Certified Member of the nationally recognized Institute of Property Taxation, a Licensed Senior Property Tax Consultant and has over 35 years of property tax management experience. He currently serves as Principal at Merit Advisors. He has represented all types of real and personal property in the commercial, industrial and oil & gas sectors.

Vann has had a continually advancing career serving in positions from Property Tax Agent with Valero in 1986 to Manager of Property Taxes for Coastal Corporation and El Paso Corporation. He partnered with Jimmy G Myska in 2005 to form the oil and gas property tax consulting firm Myska and Vandervoort, LLC. 

Vann’s successful career has led him to become one of the most highly respected oil & gas property tax management experts in the country and is also a consulting expert for several law firms in the field of property tax litigation. Vann has served on various committees of the Texas Oil & Gas Association. Vann graduated from Texas A&M-Corpus Christi with a Bachelor of Science in Geology.