Rewards of Merit: Credit & Incentives

11 Projects, 313 Incentive Agreements for Renewable Energy Developer


A renewable energy developer had 11 projects that required 313 incentive agreements in Texas in 2022.

Results for client


Tax Savings


Capital Expenditure for the 11 projects


  • Chapter 313 incentive opportunities sunset in Texas December 31, 2022. The Comptroller deadline to submit applications was June 1, 2022. The client project for the 11 applications began March 28, 2022.

Merit Action Plan:

  • Create and execute a process to deliver eleven 313 applications to multiple school boards before June 1.

  • Work through the logistics of the multiple school board hearings in the month of May.

  • Identify the appropriate personnel on the school district side to work with our team and meet the deadlines.

  • Prepare the eleven 313 applications between March 28 and May 1.

  • Deliver the applications, in advance, to the school board hearings to mitigate all possible issues before the first Comptroller review.

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