Rewards of Merit: Property Tax

Fixing an Unfair Tax Value to Find Savings


A large oil and gas operator had significant Utah holdings where the taxable value was challenged by the County.

Results for client


Annual Tax Savings


Reduced Assessed Values by County


  • The client’s assets were assessed by the Utah State Tax Commission, and an error was made in the calculation which resulted in an unfair tax value.

  • The County took the unfair value as the proper value which prompted the client to file a suit to correct the value.

  • County initiated a long and costly litigation against the client.

Merit Action Plan:

  • Through our standard tax preparation process, Merit identified the calculation error and brought it to the attention of the Utah State Tax Commission personnel.

  • Maintained a strong and working relationship with the Utah State Tax Commission.

  • Worked in conjunction with the Utah State Tax Commission to come to a solution with the County.

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