Rewards of Merit: Sales and Use Tax

Reduced Monthly Accruals for E&P in Barnett


Client was unhappy with services from existing provider. Client felt they were overpaying for services and did not feel comfortable with how taxes were being accrued.

Results for client


Sales Tax Refunds for over accrued Tax


Correctly Reduced Monthly Accruals


  • Client was accruing use tax using an automated process that did not accurately assess tax each month. 

Merit Action Plan:

  • Developed hybrid automated / manual review process for accurately accruing use tax each month.

  • Merit gained remote access to account and document storage systems.

  • Worked with client to develop understanding of standard operations and transaction coding to develop an effective taxability matrix.

  • Developed an automated process for extracting monthly transaction/operational data, analyzing and robotic process automation solution for pulling supporting documentation for our review.

  • Team tests automated results, and manually reviews transaction detail over identified thresholds or related to transactions with unpredictable tax variables.

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